Value from partnership

Conficap is a financially sound Finnish family company with a history dating back more than a hundred years. The company and its shareholders have their roots in entrepreneurship.

The Conficap Group’s business is comprised of three business units.

Are Oy
is Finland’s leading building services company and has also expanded into Sweden.

Real Estate Business     
administers and invests in properties in Finland.

Investment Activities    
administers and invests the company’s assets.

As an owner, Conficap is a long-term and active facilitator for successful business. It provides the companies it owns with expertise, capital and time for the systematic implementation of developmental phases.

Conficap allocates experienced professionals from various sectors to the companies’ boards and management. The goal is to create long-term shareholder value. Compliance with the targets set is actively monitored.

The business portfolio is augmented with items whose success Conficap is able to promote as majority shareholder.

1913 In business since

300 Shareholder's equity, MEUR

75 % Equity ratio

3 Business operations

The performance of Conficap’s investments is the measure of our success.