Erik Toivanen as the Managing Director of Conficap in the Autumn, Maarit Toivanen continues as the chair of the board

Erik Toivanen starts as the Managing Director of the family business Conficap on September the 1st, 2023. The current CEO Maarit Toivanen will continue as the chair of the board of the company.

Entering the role of the Managing Director in the autumn, Erik Toivanen represents the fifth generation of the family business. He has worked for years in the group in various roles, the real estate director, interim, being the last.

The group consists of three business units. Conficap is the owner of building services company Are, and the company has large-scale real estate and investment operations. The roots of the company go back over 110 years to the year 1913, when Alfred Onninen started plumbing contracting.

“I am very grateful and excited about this opportunity. As a family business, the foundation of our strategy is in responsible and long-term operation. The last years in the business environment have been stormy due to COVID-19, the war in Europe and drastic inflation, but during these times, it is vital that we, as owners, are able to support the business also during more difficult periods. We will continue on a steady course also in the upcoming years, keeping our eyes open for new opportunities as well”, says Erik Toivanen.

“Each generation has the family business only ‘on loan’, and now is a natural moment to implement this change. The business of Conficap is in stable condition and our balance is strong. I am pleased that the members of the following generation, that is the fifth generation, have already worked in the group in various assignments for several years. This way, we have strengthened the family’s abilities to manage the business in a controlled and gradual way. At this point, I wish to express my gratitude to the personnel of the group and to our partners for the past years. I will continue as the chair of the board of Conficap, so in this role, we continue to work together even if the operative management of the group will now be transferred to the next generation”, says Maarit Toivanen.


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