Fifth generation management transition at the 110-year-old Conficap Group

Conficap’s Group Review 2023 has been published on our website.

We can be satisfied with the year 2023 of Conficap Group in this challenging environment. Conficap’s business activities counterbalance each other due to their differing natures and risk profiles. The group’s strong balance sheet and liquidity supported the company  as it continued to engage in long-term and responsible business. At the same time, Conficap further developed its activities and continued to strengthen its team.

A significant change took place in Conficap’s operational activities during 2023, when Erik Toivanen, who represents the fifth generation of the family, started as Managing Director in September.

“It is a huge honour to take the reins of a business that has been built over one hundred and ten years by the four previous generations. I am particularly grateful for the support I have received from the other shareholders. Taking on the role of Managing Director has been a rewarding experience supported by a shared vision and a common direction”, Conficap’s Managing Director Erik Toivanen says.

As it has for more than a hundred years, Conficap will continue to   add value to its businesses and to be the best owner in any situation.

Read more about the Group Review via the link below.


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