Finland’s largest shopping centre, Mall of Tripla, opened – Conficap along as active owner

Finland’s largest shopping centre, Mall of Tripla, has opened in Pasila, Helsinki. The shopping centre, which was completed by the Tripla unit of YIT, is the largest in Finland in terms of number of stores: in total about 250 retail premises, of which over 96 per cent have already been leased. Conficap has been involved as an active owner in the shopping centre project. Conficap has been a part of the Mall of Tripla joint venture and its affiliated parking facility since 2016, owning a 15% stake. YIT and Etera are the largest owners, and Fennia is also a smaller shareholder.

“We have been an active owner in the project and have brought it forward since the planning phase. The cooperation with YIT and the other owners has worked smoothly and the construction work has progressed on schedule and according to plan. For Conficap, the Mall of Tripla project has been a unique and exceptional complex, and it has been wonderful to get a close look at the construction of this novel new city centre in Pasila with Tripla,” says Atte Köykkä, Director, Real Estates at Conficap.

A parking facility with space for 2,200 vehicles has also been built in connection with the Mall of Tripla. In addition to the vehicle parking, the shopping centre will include 3,300 spaces for bicycle parking and 300 electric car charging stations. The mall and parking facility are part of the larger Tripla complex, which also includes residential and office properties, leisure facilities, health services and a hotel. The Pasila railway station and connected public transport terminal are also part of the project.

The Mall of Tripla has also been one of the most significant contract projects for Conficap’s subsidiary Are, which is carrying out the mall’s technical building services, as well as the electrical contracts for the Tripla parking facility and Pasila public transport station. Through a competitive bidding process, Are has also been selected as maintenance partner for the mall’s technical services.

Based on future estimates, up to 7,000 people will work in the Tripla shopping centre, offices and hotel. Apartments will be built for about 400 residents. With a value of EUR 1.5 billion, Tripla is Finland’s largest construction project, excluding nuclear power plants.

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Atte Köykkä, Director, Real Estates, Conficap Oy, phone: +358 40 821 1043,

Conficap is a Finnish family-owned company with over a hundred years of history. The group consists of three business sectors. Conficap owns technical building services company Are and has large-scale operations in the real estate and investment sectors.

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