Over a hundred years of experience.

Conficap’s roots are in Finnish entrepreneurship. The company’s history goes back more than a hundred years.

Businessman Alfred Onninen started plumbing contracting in Turku in 1913. Over the years, the business expanded from contracting to wholesale trade. Onninen Oy also grew beyond the borders of Finland.

Are was founded in Jyväskylä in 1924 and it started out as a multi-business company. In the 1980s, the company was separated into parts, of which the company continuing under the name of Are focused on building services. The company changed ownership at the same time.

The year 1913. Businessman Alfred Onninen embarks on plumbing contracting in Turku, Onninen is born as a company.

In 1997, the owner family descended from Alfred Onninen founded Onvest Oy to be the holding company for the business they owned. As the shareholder, Onvest supported the growth and development of Onninen and Are while cherishing and strengthening the family’s assets through active investment and property business.

Regeneration and the constant assessment of ownership requirements were at the core of how things are done at Onvest. In 2016, Onninen was sold to Kesko. As part of the transaction, Feon Oy, a service provider for steel and metal construction professionals, was spun off from Onninen.

The year 2018. Conficap Oy owned by Maarit Toivanen and her children started business as an independent company.

In 2017, the shareholders in Onvest made a decision to demerge the company into two newly founded companies. The name of the company owned by Maarit Toivanen and her children is Conficap Oy. Conficap gained ownership of the building services company Are, investment activities as well as holdings in joint investments and property funds in Finland and abroad.

Conficap continues in business as a strong and independent company. The background is a story of more than a hundred years of family entrepreneurship, which has embraced many great events and turning points.