Maarit Toivonen elected as the chairperson of the Vantaa Pops Orchestra

Vantaa Pops Orchestra (Vantaan orkesteri ry) elected Maarit Toivanen as its chairperson at the annual meeting on March 26, 2019.

Conficap Oy, a family company managed by Toivanen, has cooperated with the orchestra for two generations. As Toivanen has returned to Finland from Portugal, she now has the time and the opportunity to be a part of developing the activities of the orchestra that she has always supported.

”The Vantaa Pops Orchestra is nationally known as a high-quality symphony orchestra, and I am very happy about my new role as its chairperson. The orchestra conducts a range of different activities, and its different compositions are all extremely skilled. The orchestra has a clear direction, and I will, for my part, try to support this highly professional cultural organization to achieve its goals,” Toivanen comments.

The Vantaa Pops Orchestra was established in 1948, and last year, it celebrated its 70th anniversary. The decision to profile itself as an orchestra focused on popular music was made over 30 years ago when Markku Johansson started as the principal conductor. The current principal conductor Nick Davies and the artistic partner Lauri Porra will continue to develop the orchestra’s wide repertoire in popular music.

”A cultural organization has to be able to build connections in all directions. Maarit Toivanen has a broad network, important strategic know-how, and business experience that will help the Vantaa Pops Orchestra to develop and grow further,” says Janne Rönnbäck, the executive director or the orchestra.

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The Vantaa Pops Orchestra is Finland’s best-known symphony orchestra specialized in popular music and with the artistic and technical ability to play any repertoire. The musicians of the Pops Orchestra are top talents in classical, jazz, pop and rock music.

Last year, the Vantaa Pop Orchestra employed total of 218 people, 197 of whom were musicians, on a production basis.

The Vantaa Pops Orchestra is a long-time partner of TV productions like SuomiLOVE, The Voice of Finland, and Dancing with the Stars. Last year, the orchestra also performed on the new studio recordings of Stratovarius and Battle Beast and on two film productions by Matila Röhr Productions.

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