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Press releases

  • Conficap’s Group Review 2023 has been published

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  • Fifth generation management transition at the 110-year-old Conficap Group


    Conficap’s Group Review 2023 has been published on our website.

    We can be satisfied with the year 2023 of Conficap Group in this challenging environment. Conficap’s business activities counterbalance each other due to their differing natures and risk profiles. The group’s strong balance sheet and liquidity supported the company as it continued to engage in long-term and responsible business. At the same time, Conficap further developed its activities and continued to strengthen its team.

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  • Erik Toivanen as the Managing Director of Conficap in the Autumn, Maarit Toivanen continues as the chair of the board


    Erik Toivanen starts as the Managing Director of the family business Conficap on September the 1st, 2023. The current CEO Maarit Toivanen will continue as the chair of the board of the company.

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  • Significant savings in energy consumption through sustainable measures


    Sustainability and energy efficiency have long been key priorities for Conficap’s real estate business. The energy crisis in Europe and the rapid rise in electricity prices highlighted the importance of controlling energy consumption in real estate. In 2022, significant consumption and cost savings were achieved in Conficap's properties.

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