Significant savings in energy consumption through sustainable measures

Sustainability and energy efficiency have long been key priorities for Conficap’s real estate business. The energy crisis in Europe and the rapid rise in electricity prices highlighted the importance of controlling energy consumption in real estate. In 2022, significant consumption and cost savings were achieved in Conficap’s properties.

Conficap owns and leases more than 120 000 m2 of office and logistics space in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Turku. In 2022 Conficap introduced a new sustainability strategy focusing on measures and goals related to energy consumption and efficiency.

During 2022, particular emphasis was placed on reviewing and optimizing the automation controls of the buildings and LED lighting. Overall, the measures led to a 4.5% reduction in electricity consumption, while at the same time the occupancy rate increased by more than 5 percentage points. Savings of more than 10% in heating and electricity consumption were achieved in some properties. The reduction in consumption was also reflected in energy costs, which helped to offset the overall impact of the increase in electricity prices.

“Sustainable and responsible business is our lifeblood. Electricity sufficiency was the subject of a lively debate at the end of last year and we are very pleased that we were able to play our part in this effort. Investing in energy efficiency will also bring financial savings”, states Erik Toivanen, Acting Head of Real Estate.

In line with its sustainability strategy, Conficap is exploring opportunities to increase the use of renewable energy in various properties as part of long-term renovation plans. The solar power plant completed at the end of 2021 at the Tikkurilantie property produced 51 tonnes of carbon dioxide savings and 15,000 euros worth of energy already during year 2022.

Measures have also been taken in close cooperation with tenants. Among other measures, Conficap has helped the tenants of the properties to identify measures to reduce energy consumption, and to prepare for possible disruptions in energy supply. Tenants have enthusiastically joined the energy-saving initiatives, and sustainability work in various areas continues.

“It is important for us to listen carefully to our tenants’ wishes – whether it is everyday needs or long-term development projects. Recently, for example, we have been working to increase the number of electric car charging points in the parking areas of our properties to meet the growing demand and to contribute to a more low-emission commuting traffic”, says Toivanen.


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